Harp Lessons with Shoshanna Godber

Shoshanna has been passing on her passion for music to students since 1999. The harp is a wonderful instrument to learn and not nearly as hard as it looks! Even beginners can make the harp sound beautiful, so it is a joy to play even at the beginning. No prior musical knowledge is necessary. Shoshanna directs a harp ensemble and offers private harp lessons at the Prince George Conservatory of Music.  

"Shoshanna is a wonder! She is a skilled, patient and empathic teacher with an unerring eye for what needs work and how that work can be effectively approached. She is an extremely gifted and expressive musician, yet engages with genuine enthusiasm with those of us who are just learning to love and play the harp. I feel extraordinarily fortunate to be able to study with Shoshanna, to benefit from her knowledge, and to be a recipient of her exceptional gift for teaching music."

Lela Zimmer


"My harp was a very special gift and Shoshanna has made it come to life. She is encouraging, patient and accommodating!  A remarkable teacher and very talented musician! Thank you Shoshanna!"

Ginger McDonald


 "Not having played the harp for over 10 years I was nervous when I first started taking lessons from Shoshanna.  However, I gradually relaxed as she was patient, understanding and non-judgemental in coaching me back to playing and enjoying the harp.  In the past two years Shoshanna has passed on to me valuable knowledge on playing the harp. She is tireless in helping me  improve my technique, musicality and creativity.  Thank you Shoshanna"

Angie Mills

Music Lessons For Children

Shoshanna is also a certified teacher of the Music For Young Children program (for children 3 years old and up). For more information regarding this program visit the Music for Young Children website. She has also developed her own program called Rhythm, Rhyme and Song (for children under 3) which is available in person at the Prince George Conservatory of Music. Shoshanna has recorded the music for two of the Rhythm, Rhyme and Song sessions. You can listen and purchase the albums along with a special booklet full of musical activities and information for each session here